What is Mandao Credit?

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Mandao Credit is credit you can send to a loved one in Cuba. They can then use that credit to get takeout or groceries delivered to their house.

A lot of our users have asked for the ability to send food to loved ones in Cuba, so we partnered up with Mandao - a food delivery service with especially fast delivery times - to make that happen. 



How do I send Mandao Credit? 


  1. Click on the adjustments button in the bottom right of the screen when you open the Rebtel app.
  2. Select Mandao Credit 
  3. Select the person you want to send to from your list of contacts, or type in their mobile number. 
  4. Pick the amount you want to send.
  5. Review details, and send!

Your contact will most likely get their Mandao Credit straight away, but it can take up to three days. Don't worry about a thing, they'll get their credit, it just might take a bit longer! If we're unable to deliver the credit in 72 hours you'll get the money back automatically. 



What can they buy with Mandao Credit? 


When your contact in Cuba logs in to their Mandao app they can pick which restaurants and grocery stores are available in their area. They can pick from a large variety of fresh produce, delicious meals and all of it will be delivered to their house swiftly - Mandao prides themselves on a 30 min or less delivery time! 

Mandao operates on the following cities ;

  1. Havana city
  2. Matanzas city
  3. Santa Marta and Varadero (Matanzas province)
  4. Cardenas (Matanzas province)
  5. Cienfuegos city
  6. Santa Clara city
  7. Trinidad city
  8. Holguin city


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