What information do I need to send money?

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No matter what method you’re using to send money, you’ll need to know the country and address of the person you’re planning on sending it to.


Recipient information

To send a transfer, at a minimum, you’ll need to know the recipient’s:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number

Important:The name on the transfer must match the recipient’s government-issued photo ID. They may not be able to receive the transfer if it’s incorrect.



The app and website will always tell you the total amount — including exchange rates,fees, andhow much your recipient will get— before you send.


Payment method

If you haven’t already added a payment method to your account, you should have it to hand when setting up a transfer. 


Payout method

Depending on their country, recipients can receive money transfers through bank deposits or mobile wallets. You will need to collect additional information from the recipient based on which payout method you chose.

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