Numbering Plan Change for Ivory Coast

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The numbering plan in Ivory Coast will change at the end of January 2021. A numbering plan is a system for structuring and organizing the phone numbers in a given country so that they are compatible with international standards so that calls can get connected efficiently. 


You will need to adapt all the Ivory Coast phone numbers of your contacts so they conform to the new numbering plan!


The changes to be made in Ivory Coast will add an additional two digit prefix between the country dial code and the local number of a user. This prefix will designate the operator the phone number belongs to. 

The new prefixes are: 

27 for Fixed Orange

25 for Fixed MTN,

21 for Fixed Moov

07 for Mobile Orange

05 for Mobile MTN

01 for Mobile Moov


So, the phone number structure will change from

dial out code + country code + phone number


dial out code + country code + operator prefix + phone number


For example:

My fixed orange phone number today is written +225 12345678 will change to be written including the prefix for Fixed Orange starting on the 31st of January and will need to be written +225 27 12345678 instead. The prefix is added between the country code and the rest of the number. 

*the phone number used is not a real phone number


It's a really good idea to reach out to your friends and family back home, and ask them for their new phone number BEFORE the 31st of January, and save the new number in international format to your contacts. 


Pro tip: Always save phone numbers in international format whenever you add them to your address book, and you'll be able to call them no matter what country you're in! 

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