How do I check my balance?

Maja -

You've bought credit and made a call, and now you want to know how much balance you have left on your account. How to check is different, depending on whether you want to check on your App, or your account on our website. 


On your App:

To check your credit on the app login to the app, and click on the "Services" button at the bottom center of the screen. You will now see your credit balance in the top left corner. 

If you have a subscription, you can find it by clicking on "Services" at the bottom right of the screen and clicking on "Your Subscription". If you have any non-subscription free minutes you can see them here as well. 


Rebtel Website

To check your credit go to our website and log in. After logging in you can directly see your available World Credits in the upper left corner of the screen where it says "Total Balance". For your subscriptions, you can click on "International Calling", there you can see your active subscription and available minutes.

If you have any non-subscription minutes, a row will appear in the drop-down menu below Deals which will say "Bonus minutes" and will show how many minutes you have. 

If you have any bonus credits they will be added to your total balance with your World Credits in the top left-hand corner. 

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