Why am I seeing different prices for the same product?

Maja -

If you are being charged by Rebtel you will see those charges explained in your receipt. We will charge you for your product, and, depending on your location, we will charge you VAT.

We do not charge you any additional fees, but that does not mean no one else will. We have a set price for each product, but sometimes you will see different prices depending on a few factors. We care a great deal about transparency; we want you to know what you're paying for, so let us explain what those factors are! 



If you are living in Europe or in Australia, you will be charged VAT. VAT will be visible when you reach checkout! VAT will be different depending on the country you are in. 


Logged in or not

If you are not logged in on our website, then you'll see the price of our product excluding VAT. When you reach checkout and log in you'll see the price of the product plus VAT.


Different Currencies / Exchange Rates

We set the price of our products in each currency. This means that the price will not be the same in every currency. We set our exchange rates manually, so we cannot guarantee they reflect the exact exchange rate at the time of purchase.


Bank Exchange Rate Fees

You can purchase products from Rebtel in USD, EUR, GBP, SEK and PLN. If your bank is in a different currency your bank may charge you an exchange rate fee for purchasing a product in a different currency. We have no visibility over this and urge you to discuss this with your bank directly. 


Bank Roaming Fees / Additional Fees

Some banks will charge you an additional sum when making online payments or payments from a country that is not the country the card was issued in. Sometimes these extra fees are a temporary insurance fee, to safeguard the bank from additional costs, and will be returned to you, and sometimes they are fees you are being charged by your bank. Please reach out to your bank to make sure you understand what your additional fees are going to be.  


Apple Store Payment

If you're purchasing Rebtel products through the Apple app store you will be charged additional fees by Apple for using their service. 


Mobile Top Up Local Operator Fees

Some local operators take a fee when you send a top up to a number in their network. You will not be charged this additional fee, or see this displayed at checkout because we do not have visibility of this. Instead, your contact will receive less than you sent after the operator takes their part. Your contact at destination should be aware of this. If they are not, they should contact their operator. 








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