Will I be charged by my operator?

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When you're calling using the call setup Phone Lines then your operator will charge you for a local call every time you place a call with Rebtel. 

Phone line calls use your regular operator calling service to connect a local call to our access number, then we connect the international part of your call with our app. You pay for an international call with Rebtel, and a local call of the same duration to your operator. In your phone bill you'll be able to see your Rebtel calls as local calls to our access number. 


What can my operator charge me for?

We don't know who your operator is, or what kind of contract you have, so we cannot know the details of what you'll be charged for when making a local call to our access number. Here is a breakdown of the general scenarios our support gets asked about: 


Charged for local calls

All phone lines calls made with the Rebtel app will connect your call using your local provider. This means that you will be charged for a local call to our access number, and this local call will be of the same duration as the Rebtel call. 

Charged additional fees

All of our access numbers are normal, local numbers. They should not have additional fees attached to them. However, a few operators apply an additional fee when connecting calls to our access numbers. If your operator has this practice it is their responsibility to inform you that you're calling a number they consider non-standard and that additional fees may apply. 

Charged for international call

You will NOT be charged for international calls by your operator if you're connecting your calls with Rebtel. We do not share the destination phone number with your operator. They can only see our access number when connecting the call. 

If you see an international number on your phone bill it was not made with our app! 


If your experience doesn't match what is explained here please reach out to our support team by writing to support@rebtel.com and include your phone bill. 

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