What are limited subscriptions?

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If you know exactly how much you want to call every month, we would recommend a limited subscription to you.

When you buy one of our limited subscriptions, you can call any mobile or landline in a select country at a set price for 30 days. Your subscription begins on the day you buy it and will renew automatically every 30 days unless you cancel it. Unused minutes will not transfer to the next 30 days. You can cancel anytime at rebtel.com or in your Rebtel app.

Welcome offer:

If you’re new to Rebtel, you can try our welcome offer and get your first week free! Your subscription will be activated after the 7-day trial. After 30 days, your subscription will be renewed automatically. You can cancel the subscription anytime at rebtel.com or in your Rebtel app. 

Note: All calls are rounded up to the next minute. If you run out of minutes before 30 days, you will need to buy Rebtel Credits to keep calling until your subscription renews.


Limited subscriptions are non-transferable and non-refundable. Premium, special, service, and non-geographical numbers are excluded. Rebtel reserves the right to block any numbers that are misused.

VAT: VAT will be charged depending on the country (EU or Australia) from which you are using the service.



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