How do I set up calling with Rebtel?

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There are three ways to connect your calls with Rebtel - Phone lines, Wi-Fi, and Data.


Phone Lines

This option connects your calls through your mobile operator as if it were a local call, so you will be charged at local rates through your mobile carrier. It’s perfect if you have cheap or unlimited local minutes.

This option is not available in every country. Check here to see if your country of residence is included.


These calls are made via your internet connection, so you won’t be charged through your mobile operator. It works best when you have a strong, reliable Wi-Fi connection. If your internet connection is unstable this will affect the quality of your calls, keep in mind you need to have Rebtel Credits for the call to go through. 

Mobile Data (3G/4G)

Your calls will be connected via 3G or 4G. This is perfect when you have an unlimited data plan and want to call your family on the go!


The auto-connect feature connects your calls automatically using the strongest connection available to provide you with the best call quality.

Travel Mode

If you are traveling and want to call internationally with Rebtel, select the "travel mode" option to avoid additional fees and roaming charges. It will only allow you to call using your Wi-Fi. We want to help you avoid those extra charges as much as possible!


Where can I set this up?

Click on the little green button in the top right corner of the screen to reach the call setup page. Select the option that suits you best! When the button is red beside the option then it is selected. If it’s greyed out it’s turned off. You can select one, several, or all of the options.

You can also choose your order in which the app tries to connect your call - just click and hold one of the options, then drag and drop them in your order of preference. Then the app will try to connect your call with your first option, then if it fails, the second option then the third.

No matter which connection type you choose, we will only charge the lowest possible rate for your international calls.


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