How do I call using local numbers?

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Shared local numbers are a way of saving the contacts you call the most for easy access when calling without the Rebtel app. This is a good option for you if the latest version of our app is not compatible with your device. You create a personalized local number that is assigned to your contact, and whenever you call that number with your registered phone number Rebtel connects your call internationally.

Shared local numbers connect your call through a local call with your local operator. Your operator will charge you for a local call, so this is an ideal option if you have cheap or unlimited local minutes.

Shared local numbers are only available if you are in a Rebtel country. Check here to see if your country of residence is included.

How do I create my shared local numbers?

First, you need to create a shared local number for your contact.

Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Start by logging in to your Rebtel account from our website
  2. Click on "Local Numbers" at the bottom of your screen
    • If you're on the Rebtel homepage, click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner and then "Local numbers"
  3. Click on "Add Number" to add a new local number for a contact.
  4. Enter your contact's name and phone number (in the international calling format +XXX) and click on "Continue"
  5. You will then be provided with a local number for your new contact

I have created a local number, how do I call?

Dial the local number provided from your registered phone number to call this contact using Rebtel. If you’re calling from your cellphone make sure to save their Local Number in your phone for easy access!

You can also edit, disconnect, or delete your contacts by clicking on the "..." button next to a contact.

Remember that you can't use Local Numbers with the Rebtel app! If you have our app, it’s better to call with the app!

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