What are unlimited subscriptions?

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If you want to call home a lot at the lowest price possible, Rebtel’s unlimited subscriptions are your best bet!

When you buy one of the unlimited subscriptions, you can call mobiles or landlines in a select country however much you want during the period specified in the subscription. Your subscription begins on the day you buy it. It will renew automatically after 30 days, or depending on what type of subscription you have. You can cancel your subscription at any time at rebtel.com or in your Rebtel app. 

Note: Deals/subscriptions are reflected as minutes, not credit, and that's why you don't see it in your balance as additional money. 

Welcome, offers:

If you’re new to Rebtel, you can try one of our welcome offers for unlimited subscriptions! Welcome offers give you a certain period of unlimited calling for free (outlined below) depending on the subscription you buy. After your welcome offer ends, the subscription will be renewed automatically, but you can always cancel the subscription at rebtel.com or in your Rebtel app.

  • 30-day subscription: 7 days free
Note: Unlimited subscriptions are non-transferable, non-refundable, and for private use only. Premium, special, service, and non-geographic numbers are excluded. We also reserve the right to block any number that is exhibiting unusual calling patterns as flagged by our system, such as excessive conferencing or call forwarding, excessive numbers of regular calls of short duration, calls to multiple numbers in a short period, and more. For more details, please see our Terms and Conditions.


VAT: VAT will be charged depending on the country (EU or Australia) from which you are using the service.



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    the menus did not address my question: Do unlimited minutes apply to ONE specific overseas number only?
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    UAE is not included?
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