What are World Credits?

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World Credits are calling credits that you can use to call anywhere in the world!  

World Credits calling rates:

The rates depend on the country and type of phone you plan to call.

The rates depend on the country and type of phone you plan to call. For a specific country rate, check the rates list. 

Note: We charge per minute like all other telecommunication companies.

Adding World Credits automatically when the balance is low:

When purchasing World Credits, you will have the option to enable an automatic top-up. This feature uses your saved credit card to add credit whenever your Rebtel account balance falls below $1/ £1/ €1. This makes it convenient for you so you don’t have to worry about ever running low on credits!

If you wish to enable this feature after you have made a purchase, just open your app, go to Add money again and activate the Enable auto top-up feature. You can then enable/disable an auto top-up by ticking the appropriate box (and vice versa). You will then be given the option to choose the amount you wish to add every time you run low on credits. 

Tip: If you call a specific country often, we’d recommend getting a subscription to that country instead of buying World Credits!



  • World Credits will be removed from an account after one (1) year of inactivity.
  • You can call premium numbers only with World Credits (not with subscriptions).





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