How to add minutes to a phone

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Do you need to get in touch fast, but you're always out of airtime? Buy minutes for contracts and prepaid phones online. It's quick and easy - anywhere, anytime. Stuck offline? Don't worry. You also have a prepaid card and in-store options to choose from. Here's how.

Add airtime: buying minutes online

Buy your airtime online if you still have some airtime or Wi-Fi access. This is the quickest and easiest way to get back in touch - regardless of your network.

Visit your network service provider's website

You can top up straight from your network provider. Just visit the site or use Google search to get to the buying portal. Search (top-up airtime + your network provider's name) and it should come up. Some popular international options are Vodafone, AT&T, TracFone, and T-Mobile.

Use an online recharge service

Search for ‘buy airtime’ or ‘buy mobile recharge’ on Google and you will see service providers like Rebtel, that automatically provide options in your country from one buyer portal.

How to buy airtime online

Once you've connected to an online service provider like Rebtel, take these steps to top up your minutes:

  • Add a phone number. Add a phone number in the specified field, including your country code if required.
  • Choose your network. If needed, find your network in the list or logo display. With Rebtel, we match numbers to networks automatically so you can skip this step.
  • Pick how much you want to purchase. Usually, you'll have a few predetermined options to choose from. Pick the one you want and click "submit" or move to the next field.
  • Put in your contact details. Service providers usually ask for your email address or phone number to send you a copy of the airtime PIN. Insert your real info as this could be the only way you can get the code you'll need later. You also won't be able to move to the next page unless you enter these details.

Time for the payment method

Here you'll purchase by choosing one of the payment methods on offer. There are many ways to pay. Here are a few of the most popular:

CREDIT & Debit card

You've probably paid using your credit or debit card before when online shopping or making digital payments. This is the same. Add your card number, the expiry date, and CVV code on the back to finish up.

PAYPAL/Digital wallets

Log into your digital wallets to pay, using the step-by-step prompts.

Promo code

Sometimes brands will email you promo codes or you'll earn them as part of a rewards program. Insert these codes into the digital box when you checkout and your amount to pay will be reduced appropriately. It's easy to use promos with Rebtel, simply checkout and all eligible promos will be applied automatically.

Add airtime by USSD code

Your airtime pin should be sent to you after your payment is processed. In some cases, the code will also show on-screen. If you have a prepaid phone you can easily use a USSD method to enter the code.

Dial *(code)* (airtime pin)# and then call from your phone dialler. This code comes from your mobile carrier but a quick Google search will help if you can't remember. Search for (Airtime code + service provider). You can also dial this number to add it over the phone if you're not connected.

Refill Card Offline

If you can't get online you can also buy a prepaid refill card from your local grocery chain or cellular store. Purchase the card and add money automatically. A prepaid card will have a set number for airtime displayed inside (your pin). Sometimes you'll need to scratch, open or peel the card to see it though. From here, enter the pin into your phone from the dial pad, using the USSD code: Dial *(code)* Airtime number# and the call button.

Always in a pickle? Adjust your monthly plans

Add minutes to phone contracts by visiting your nearest service provider branch. They will assist you in changing your monthly phone plan. Be sure to check if your contract allows you to add airtime to your account because some don't. And, if you're really stuck, ask a friend to top you up using Rebtel.

Voila! Adding minutes is easy. You're a happy customer and you should be able to send messages and make phone calls right away.


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